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Bank of Africa offers the full range of foreign exchange products.

These simple products are able to manage nearly all risk associated with the Forex market.

Product Description Benefits
SPOT A currency trade settled within same day/next day or within
2 business days of transacting.
  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to take full advantage of favorable market moves
  • Generally, no collateral requirements
FORWARD A currency trade with the exchange rate fixed today for settlement on a date beyond two business days in the future
  • 100% protection against adverse currency moves
  • Eliminates uncertainty
  •  Provides certainty and enhances ability to plan
FLEXIBLE FORWARD Currency trade with the exchange rate fixed today where future settlement is within a pre-determined ‘draw-down period’ of up to three months.
  • 100% protection against adverse currency moves
  • Eliminates uncertainty
  • Provides certainty and enhances ability to plan
FOREX SWAP A currency trade with one currency converted into another and ‘swapped’ back on a pre-determined date in the future.
  • Effective cash management tool.
  • Gives customer the ability to roll over their Currency exposures.
FX OPTIONS A currency option is a contract that grants the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a specified currency at a specified exchange rate on or before a specified date.
  • Can assist those seeking to hedge against currency volatility

Whatever your currency…

Equipped with the latest Trading Information systems,  our dealers ensure our dealing room has access to the global currency market and is up-to-date with the latest financial data and news.

We are able to assist in international trade and investment by allowing businesses and individuals to convert from one currency to another to suit their trade needs.

The treasury team undertakes the following functions:

  • Active monitoring of the local and international currency exchange market on local currency Usd/Kes and other G10 currencies e.g USD/ GBP/ EUR/ JPY/ CHF/ AUD and ZAR
  • Easy settlement of FX deals through online banking and personalized service through a dedicated account Manager
  • Relaying of daily exchange rate bulletins, market advice news and a weekly overview of the exchange markets
  • Information and analysis of currency trends.

Electronic Trading Platform

A simple, secure and convinient forex trading platform that reliable in delivery of:

  • A real time multicurrency forex trading platform with real time forex deals
  • Guidance and support from our Treasury dealers.

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