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A product geared to cater for individuals earning a net salary of less than Kes 25,000


Employees earning less than 25,000 a month.


  • Personal Current account
  • No Cheque book
  • Debit card Charges as per bank’s tariff
  • Access to mobile banking as per banks tariff
  • Access to online banking as per Bank’s tariff
  • Salary processing at Kes. 100


  • Access to personal loans
    • Tenor: Upto 6 (six) months
    • Maximum amount: Three times of gross salary up to Kes 100,000
  • Access to salary advance of up to 50% of net with a maximum of Kes 15,000


  • 1 Colour passport sized photo
  • Certified copy of national ID
  • Letter of Introduction from Employer/Copy of Payslip

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