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BOA aims to offer you a comprehensive mortgage finance solution. This focuses on providing personal and specialized services to meet our clients’ specific needs. We intend to achieve this by enabling our clients buy, build or improve their own properties.

Mortgage Products Offered:

  • Home improvement: this is a facility that is granted to renovate or to change the aspects of an already acquired property. The loan can be a top up on the existing mortgage or a new loan.
  • Property acquisition: This facility is used to purchase a new property. The property being purchased forms the collateral for the loan. It can be used to purchase a home for owner occupation, a commercial property for use by your business and a residential or commercial property for investment purposes. The collateral is the property being purchased.
  • Equity release: a property that is already owned by the borrower is used to acquire a loan facility from the bank. The loan will be used to finance working capital for the business, purchase of another property and other investment activities that will yield income for the borrower.
  • Construction: the bank will finance the borrower towards development of new properties. It can be used for homes for occupation, investment properties be it residential or commercial.


  • A duly completed and signed loan application form.
  • A sale agreement/offer letter.
  • Copy of identity such as identification card or passport and registration documents for a business.
  • Proof of income i.e. payslips.
  • Bank statements for the last six months.
  • Copy of the title for the property offered as collateral.
  • A valuation report from a valuer in the bank’s panel (can also be availed after approval).
  • Letter of introduction and undertaking from employer for employed persons.
  • Open a Current account.


  • Own occupation.
  • Tax benefit through mortgage relief.
  • Financial advice on mortgage products.
  • Personalized customer service.
  • Flexible terms of repayment.
  • Savings on rent.
  • Capital gains from property appreciation.

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