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These are personal loans ranging from amounts of Ksh 50,000 to Ksh 2,000,000 extended to salaried individuals withh minimum net salaried of Ksh 25,000.


  • Any salaried individual who has been in continous employment for over 6 months
  • Minimum net qualifying salary of Ksh 25,000
  • Maximum qualifying age is 55 years
  • Processing fee of 3%
  • Clean Credit Reference Bureau report


  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible interest installment matched to your income
  • Maximum loan amount Ksh 2,000,000
  • Minimum loan amount Ksh 50,000
  • Quick processing & disbursement within 1 week


  • The loan duration is a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 48 months
  • Response time in 48 hours
  • Maximum amount of the loan is Ksh 2,000,000 and a minimum of Ksh 50,000


  • Submission of duly completed Bank of Africa Personal Loan application form
  • Letter of undertaking from employer confirming employment and that salary shall be sent directly to the applicant’s Bank of Africa account
  • Copy of a valid ID
  • Copy of PIN certificate
  • The originals of the preceding 3 months’ payslips
  • For non-BOA customers, certified copies of bank statements for the preceding 6 months

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