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Agence Elite is a premium banking service that offers an exclusive way of banking, designed to give more quality in service delivery, convenient timing, private banking lobby and space at competitive pricing, to enable clients make the most of their money and time.

Target Market:

  • High net worth individuals/customers/non customers who can pay the monthly fee of Kshs. 1,500
  • Customers profiled and invited by Relationship Managers (RMs)
  • Signatories of key relationships


  • A Current Account with first cheque book free of charge.
  • Monthly overdraft facility*.
  • Opening balance- net salary of Kshs. 200,000 or monthly turnover of Kshs. 200,000.
  • Minimum operating balance of Kshs. 20,000 locked in.
  • Monthly operational fee of Kshs. 1,500.
  • Minimum interest earning balance of Kshs. 250,000.
  • Access to B-Web.
  • Exclusive banking hall.


  • Assignment of a dedicated Relationship Manager (RM) for personalized services.
  • Interest of up to 1% p.a. is paid to the current account.
  • Free internet banking for viewing of account statement.
  • Preferential treatment at all our branches on issues like parking spots.
  • Free Incoming EFTs.


  • 1 year bank statement
  • Duly filled application form
  • 3 months’ payslip

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can open an Elite Banking account?

This account is targeted at high net worth individuals, customers, and non-customers and customers profiled and invited by RMs. Signatories of key relationships can also Visit your nearest BOA-K Branch for more details on products above. To open account, account holders will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager for personalized services.

What is opening balance on this account?

The opening balance is a net salary of Kshs. 350,000.

How much do I need to maintain account?

The minimum operating balance for this account is Kshs. 20,000 locked in. monthly operational fee is Kshs. 1,500.

How much will I pay as ledger fees?

The monthly operational fee is Kshs. 1,500.

What separates Elite Banking account from or current accounts?

This is a premium banking service that offers an exclusive way of banking, designed to provide quality, convenience and competitive pricing to enable clients make most of their money and time.

A client will have access to an exclusive elite banking hall, an exclusive ID card, a dedicated relationship manager, preferential treatment at all branches, longer banking hours, among various or benefits.

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