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The Jisort Account is a bundled products & services offering. It offers you tariff advantages on a range of products and services linked to a Current account.


  • Personal Current account.
  • Savings account (BOA Savings Account).
  • First cheque book is free (25 leaves); other subsequent cheque books to be charged as per tariff.
  • Free debit card.
  • Access to mobile banking (B-Mobile).
  • Access to online banking (B-Web).
  • Monthly flat fee  of Kshs. 350.


  • 5 free ATM transactions per month (on BOA ATMs).
  • Free viewing option on B-Web online banking.
  • Free standing order for internal accounts.
  • Eligible for an overdraft facility with attractive rates
  • Access to personal loan at an attractive interest rate
  • Interest of 1%  is paid  to the savings account for balances above Kshs. 20,000

*All Credit facilities are subject to Debt Service Ratio and BOA-KENYA Credit Policy.


  • Passport size photo
  • Certified copy of national identity card
  • Documents of proof of residence
  • Last 3 payslips
  • Letter of undertaking from employer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jisort Current Account?

This is a convenient package of bundled products and services offering tariff advantages for salaried individuals.

What does the package entail?

Features of the package will include, but are not limited to, a Personal Current Account, a BOA Savings account, as well as access to Mobile banking (B-Mobile) and Online banking (B-Web) platforms.

How much will it cost me to maintain this package?

The package requires a monthly flat fee of Kshs. 350 only.

Will I be able to get a Debit card?

This pack offers you access to a free Debit Card.

Can I access any credit facilities under this Pack?

You can access personal loans from BOA, in addition you will be eligible for an overdraft facility of up to 50% of your net monthly salary.

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